What data can you collect?

  • Your life situation: Are you at home, do you have to go to work outside, are there sick people in your environment, in your household? Do you belong to the group of people with increased risk?
  • How do you feel in this extraordinary situation?
  • If you get sick, your symptoms, and whether you have been tested.

What is the point?
How can the app, how can such anonymized data help?

  • The data helps to better understand and control the situation of the people in the lockdown and also later, when the measures are relaxed: How many are ill at home, what are the important symptoms, how are people affected by the situation?
  • The data help to identify regional disease outbreaks
  • The app links to information and help
  • The app forms a communication channel to the people in the lockdown and beyond
  • All of this will help healthcare planners, epidemiologists, anyone who can contribute specialist expertise to help manage the pandemic

Data management

Your data will be stored on your personal user account on the MIDATA platform. You have full control over your data.

The MIDATA Cooperative operates a highly secure and privacy compliant platform and supports data-driven research through patient empowerment and "Citizen Science" approaches. The MIDATA platform provides a personal and secure environment to store the data collected by Corona Science.

Publication of the data

Your collected data is aggregated anonymously and made available to the Open Data community with your consent.

No conclusions about your person can be drawn from the anonymous data.

The anonymised data will be published here as soon as sufficient data sets have been collected. Thus the anonymity of the participants can be guaranteed.